The Best Legend Of Zelda Inspired Courses In Super Mario Maker 2

Zelda Maker may not exist just yet, but in this video we show off some of the best Zelda-inspired courses created in Super Mario Maker 2.

Course IDs featured in this video:
- Zelda’s Switch Puzzle Dungeon by Dannyh09 (DQP-M9Q-P0G)
- The Great Plateau by Garrett64 (R0C-3X4-DQF)
- Beyond The Great Plateau (BOTW) by Reshiram52 (27X-1Y7-9WF)
- TLoZ: ST Field Theme for James½ by Momoモモ (23Q-W3M-MYG)
- Legend of Zelda 2 - Palace 1 by TurtleRok (WG1-CSV-Y7G)
- Zelda OOT: Deku Tree by Majora (RQN-JWJ-FQF)